Mission:  To improve the educational, medical, and economic well being of individuals and communities in the developing world by providing solar powered electricity.

At Beyond Solar, we believe that through the use of solar power, we can dramatically improve the health, educational and economic well being of individuals throughout the developing world. The concept is simple: access to clean and renewable energy can be the springboard to an improved standard of living. By providing basic electricity through solar power, we can set in motion a domino effect of transformative change that is felt by the individual, the family, and the surrounding community. We deliver value Beyond Solar.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Genice Jacobs Says:

    Hi Jeff and Trevor,

    I’ve been searching out projects such as yours and was excited to learn about Beyond Solar and your pilot project. I am in the midst of expanding our company’s manufacturing capabilities to include renewable energy solutions for off-grid communities in the developing world. At this point, I am still evaluating whether this will eventually take the form of a for profit or nonprofit enterprise. I am working with some international development professionals in DC to
    scope the market and determine distribution channels and partners. Would love the opportunity to connect and see if there is any way to collaborate. I understand that Jeff is in the Bay Area. We live in Oakland.

    Here’s a brief bit of who we are. The form is still evolving, but our commitment and passion is there.

    Blueflex Solutions is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company with full-time dedicated manufacturing and materials acquisition resources in the U.S., Taiwan, China, and India. We are looking to partner with product inventors, MFIs, NGOs and relief organizations in the delivery of green products designed for the needs of the rural poor throughout the world. We are interested in connecting with individuals involved in Green Microfinance initiatives and renewable energy product development and delivery to off-grid areas of developing countries.

    Our company is able to design and manufacture or source a wide range of products, including solar panels, solar cooking, solar and LED lighting, wind systems and off grid lighting equipment. We can manage comprehensive supply chain solutions and have electrical, and mechanical design and distribution capabilities.

    Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience managing end-to-end high tech and low tech design, manufacturing, marketing, VC/non-traditional funding, and sales. The president and founder of Blueflex Solutions, Dan Grassetti, was the senior manufacturing executive for Cyras Systems, which was purchased by Ciena corporation for over $2B, one of the largest IPOs of all time. Dan is an environmental activist in his hometown of Berkeley, California and is the founder and president of the Hills Conservation Network. Vice President of Business Development Genice Jacobs has an executive search, research, marketing, web 2.0 and nonprofit fundraising background. She is a long time supporter of the Global Fund for Women and an advisor to and early adopter of http://www.pulsewire.net.

    BlueFlex Solutions is committed to the principles put forth by GreenMicrofinance. We are very passionate about finding solutions to eliminating poverty and are interested in exploring how we might collaborate to bring down the cost of green product production and delivery.

    Shall we talk?

    Genice Jacobs

    Blueflex Solutions, Inc.


  2. Anil Tata Says:

    Jeff & Trevor – I am on a similar mission and live in San Diego. I will be out in India in September’09 and am trying a pilot with my own funds. I would be interested in discussing with you and would appreciate if you can contact me. Please let me know if any of you are in San Diego and we can meet personally.

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